Asheville ChildrenIt only takes a few moments in Asheville to realize the city is committed to celebrating the arts. The French Broad River Valley is surrounded by a backdrop of mile-high mountains that serve as the inspiration for thousands of artists who have made their home here. As you approach from the south and west, you are greeted by the famous silo mural that anchors the River Arts District. There are dozens of music and event venues that attract people from all over the country. Even food and beverages are works of inspiration and creativity here. 

Millions of tourists visit Buncombe and Henderson counties every year to experience the majesty of nature and the wonders of the arts. If you are fortunate to be raising a family in the Asheville area, you have access to even more than just paintings, music, and nature; your family can enjoy and participate in children's theatre. Here is what you need to know about children's theatre in Asheville, NC. 

Children's Theatre in Asheville, NC

There are countless reasons to expose your children to theatre at a young age, including:

  • Imagination: Your children are imaginative. There is nothing that unlocks imagination more than theatre. Children get to become the characters about whom they have read. They get to perform their imagination before audiences. 
  • History: History feels dull and can be difficult for children to grasp. Theatre puts them in the midst of the history they are studying. What better way is there to learn about our history than becoming it on stage?
  • Courage: When your child participates in theatre, they learn to overcome fears such as stage fright. 
  • Appreciation: Children and adults learn to appreciate the arts by participating in children's theatre.
  • Future: Your child's future may be impacted by their participation in theatre. They may find a passion for acting, writing, technology, or any number of aspects of the theatre. They may carry that passion far beyond childhood in a way that will influence their educational and professional pursuits. 

Children's Theatre at Asheville Performing Arts Academy

The Asheville Performing Arts Academy facilitates a life-long appreciation and advocacy of the arts by providing a loving community where students discover the tools needed to navigate life on and off the stage. We foster a love and appreciation for the arts through student-teacher relationships, which encourage and help you to excel at your dream. We have several children's theatre programs, including: 

  • The Prep-Program (Grades 1-8): The Prep-Program pre-conservatory style program for those students who are excited to learn more and dive deeper into musical theatre.
  • The Company (Grades 6-12): The Company is an individualized pre-professional performing arts conservatory for intermediate/advanced artists in Middle and High School. This is perfect for children who are committed to pursuing performing arts throughout school and beyond. 
  • School by the Stage: An online option for performing arts that allows each student to be allocated over 100 square feet of personal space in an open-plan warehouse facility with good airflow.

If you are ready to learn more about how your child can benefit from children's theatre in Asheville, we would love to answer your questions. Contact Asheville Performing Arts Academy for more information today