school by stageThere are few places on the East Coast as closely associated with the arts as Asheville, NC. The city is surrounded by mile-high mountains on every side, with hundreds of thousands of acres of mostly untouched wilderness to explore within just a short distance of downtown. 

The scenery and beauty are the perfect inspiration for writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, playwrights, actors, dancers, and other artists. The River Arts District is famous, attracting tourists from all over the country and world. 

Beyond the RAD, we have countless galleries, music venues, theaters, record companies, and other arts-based attractions. Tens of thousands of people have moved to Buncombe County in the last few decades, and that growth shows no signs of slowing down. 

At least some of it can be attributed to our celebration of creativity and imagination. 

While many are content to just enjoy being a spectator of the many forms of art here in western North Carolina, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Asheville Performing Arts Academy is a theater (or theatre if you prefer the British spelling) and dance company here in Asheville. 

We provide an entry point for students interested in advancing their musical, acting, and dancing skills. Here is what you need to know about our theater company in Asheville. 

Benefits of Getting Involved in an Asheville Theatre Company

As we mentioned before, Asheville is an artistic city. As a parent, you can take advantage of the inspiration here by enrolling your child in one or more of the programs at Asheville Performing Arts Academy. 

Benefits of children being involved in theater at a young age include:

  • Inspiration: Theater will inspire your children. 
  • Imagination: Theater helps your children maintain an active imagination. 
  • Courage: Theater teaches children to be courageous on and off stage.
  • Character: Theater instills valuable character lessons.
  • Skill: Theater can help develop lasting skills that benefit children into adulthood.

Asheville Performing Arts Academy

Some of the ways your child can get involved at APAA include:

  • The Company: Year-Long Program for 6th-12th Grade. The Company is a pre-professional performing arts conservatory for intermediate/advanced artists in Middle and High School who want to further their study in American Musical Theatre.
  • The Prep Program: Year-Long Program for Beginning/Intermediate Artists. The Prep Program is a preparatory program for those interested in pursuing a career in musical theatre. Each Prep Program student takes a variety of classes to lay the foundation for a future in the arts. This curriculum is for elementary and middle school students who are starting or intermediate artists.
  • Theatre Kidz: For children ages 3-7. In our preschool to early elementary class, we will be exploring every part of the stage including prop-building, dancing, singing, and acting. Whether you have a young performer destined for Broadway or just a little theatre enthusiast, we will help grow their love of theatre with new friends and explore the joys of storytelling!
  • Summer Camps: Each summer, there are a variety of camps in which your child could participate. These camps provide opportunities to introduce your children to theater and potentially determine whether they would do well in one of our year-long programs. 

If you would like to know more about our Asheville area theater company, we would love to answer any questions you have. Our programs have inspired thousands of children to embrace the importance of the arts and even pursue careers in theater. For more information about our school, contact Asheville Performing Arts Academy today