Audition Tips for Children / JTF Auditions Coming Soon

Audition Tips for Children / JTF Auditions Coming Soon

Every child is born with unique talents and potential. Some kids have a passion for singing, acting, or dancing, and may aspire to pursue a career in the performing arts. Auditions play a crucial role in helping young talents showcase their abilities and secure opportunities. To support your child in this exciting journey, here are some valuable audition tips tailored specifically for kids.

Nine Audition Tips for Kids

1) Build Confidence Through Experience

Confidence is key when it comes to auditions. Encourage your child to believe in their abilities and practice self-assurance. Help them prepare by rehearsing and performing in front of family and friends, gradually increasing the audience size. This process will build their confidence and help them overcome stage fright.

2) Select Appropriate Shows and Materials to Practice

Choosing the right material is crucial for a successful audition. Assist your child in selecting a piece that suits their age, personality, and strengths. If it's a song, ensure it showcases their vocal range and abilities. For acting auditions, help them find monologues that resonate with their age group and allow them to demonstrate their acting skills effectively.

3) Practice and Rehearse Regularly

Consistent practice is essential for honing skills. Encourage your child to rehearse their audition piece regularly. This will not only make them more comfortable with the material, but also help them memorize it thoroughly. Ensure they understand the emotions and intentions behind the piece, enabling them to deliver a compelling performance.

4) Don’t Forget About Attention to Body Language

Body language is an integral part of any performance. Teach your child the importance of posture, facial expressions, and gestures during auditions. Help them understand how to use their body effectively to convey emotions and enhance their overall performance. Encourage them to maintain good eye contact and engage with the audition panel.

5) Dress Appropriately for the Audition 

The way a child presents themselves at an audition can leave a lasting impression. Ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the role they're auditioning for. It's essential to strike a balance between showcasing their personal style and adhering to any specific guidelines provided. Encourage them to look neat, clean, and presentable, without being overly distracting.

6) Encourage Your Child to Stay Positive: 

Auditions can be nerve-wracking, and it's essential for your child to stay positive throughout the process. Remind them that auditions are learning experiences and that each one is an opportunity to grow. Encourage them to focus on doing their best rather than worrying about the outcome. Teach them to embrace constructive criticism and use it to improve their skills.

7) Arrive On-Time and Be Prepared

Ensure your child arrives at the audition location early. Punctuality shows professionalism and allows them to settle in before their performance. 

Help them prepare all the required materials, such as headshots, resumes, or sheet music, well in advance. Being organized and prepared will contribute to a smoother audition experience.

8) Make Friends and Develop a Network

Auditions also provide opportunities for young performers to meet industry professionals and fellow artists. Encourage your child to be friendly and open to connecting with others. Building a network of like-minded individuals can lead to future collaborations and support in their artistic journey.

9) Emphasize the Joy of Performing 

Above all, remind your child to enjoy the audition process and the opportunity to perform. Encourage them to have fun and express their passion for the art form. When they approach auditions with a positive mindset and a genuine love for performing, it shines through in their audition and captivates the audience.

Remember, auditions are not solely about securing a role; they are an opportunity for growth and self-expression. By providing support, guidance, and fostering a positive attitude, you can help your child navigate auditions with confidence and grace. Embrace the journey and celebrate their courage to pursue their dreams.

Upcoming Auditions at Asheville Performing Arts Academy

Asheville Performing Arts Academy’s Competition Team provides an amazing opportunity for kids to put their acting chops to the test. Students will work on a cut of a popular musical and present it at the National Youth Theatre Experience in Lexington, KY in March 2024. 

Any artists in one of APAA's programs or the community may audition to join the Performance & Competition Team. Performers must be in 6th-12th grade. Priority casting will be given to current Company and Prep members. Community members must be registered for one of the APAA programs for the 23-24 Season (Homeschool Academy, Youth Community Theatre, etc.) to be eligible. 

How the Audition Process Works at APAA

Auditions are Saturday, September 30, 2023, from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm at our studio. Students must register for an audition slot on our website

  • When they arrive, they will have the opportunity to audition as part of a small group by dancing and performing a short song and scene. Students should prepare 1-minute of their favorite musical song to sing a-capella. While we all love Elphaba, Annie, and Alexander Hamilton, students should pick a song that best showcases their voice and personality.
  • The students will take part in improv games and group scene work. 
  • We have 32 counts of choreography for you to learn on audition day. Make sure your child is dressed comfortably for dancing, and they are welcome to bring their own shoes.


Students will then be notified by October 6, 2023 if they have been accepted. For all accepted students, there is a MANDATORY Parent's Meeting on October 7, 2023. 

If your child has an interest in this or any other audition at APAA, please reach out to us as soon as possible!