Creative Ideas for Entertaining Kids When Stuck at Home

Creative Ideas for Entertaining Kids When Stuck at Home

The Asheville area has been among the most rapidly growing regions of North Carolina for several decades. Known primarily as a tourism destination for most of its history, in the last few decades, western North Carolina's economy has been bolstered by an influx of companies starting or moving to Buncombe, Henderson, Madison, and surrounding counties. With job growth and a strengthening economy, thousands of families have relocated to the mountains. The Asheville area is a beautiful place to raise a family. From an early age, children are instilled with an appreciation for the wonder of nature. Our education systems are excellent, and people here understand the value of the arts. 

While Asheville is surrounded by nature, occasionally, you might find your family is stuck inside, especially as we continue to practice safe social distancing. When you are relegated to your home, here are nine ideas for entertaining children creatively. 


9 Creative Ideas for Kids Stuck at Home

1) Begin the Day With Exercise

When you are stuck inside, it is tempting to begin the day with hours of couch and television time, especially if you need some peace and quiet while you work remotely. However, for their sake and yours, help them start their day with exercise. Thirty minutes of physical activity can help stimulate blood flow to the brain and ensure your kids are ready for a day of creativity and imagination. 

2) Dance With an Inanimate Partner

Children love to dance. One way you can help stave off boredom is by encouraging your children to dance with a partner. With some imagination, a broomstick or a chair could be the perfect dance stand-in. For inspiration, you can check out this video from PUSH Physical Theater

3) The Here-to-There Game

To play this game, you and your child will start on one side of the room and move to the other side. Before you start, however, you announce to your child what you will be walking in or through. You might say, “This time, we’re walking through sticky tar.” As you are walking, ask your child what it would feel like, what they would be hearing, and what they might smell. 

4) Practice Miming

Have your child practice miming by giving them scenarios and activities to act out silently. This is guaranteed to keep their imaginations working. 

5) Utilize GoNoodle 

GoNoodle is a website with hundreds of ideas to help your children keep moving. They also have an application available on most Smart TVs or television sticks. 

6) Create Stories Together

Help your children use their imaginations by creating stories together. You can even encourage them to draw or paint the characters and scenes. 

7) Explore Educational Video Content 

At some point, you may need to use the television to entertain them; however, that does not mean imagination and learning must stop. There are several excellent educational options available for free or low cost. Curiosity Stream has hundreds of quality shows and documentaries for just twenty dollars per year.

8) Read Your Favorite Plays Together

Consider reading some of your favorite plays like Pygmalion, Anne of Green Gables (the Musical), Peter Pan, or Annie. Your children can read the parts as if they are playing the characters. You might even choose to put your own version of it in your living room. 

9) Find Ways to Get Outdoors

At some point, you may just have to get outside. If the weather is nice, you may try creating an outdoor office for yourself. If it is raining, you have to just send the kids out in their rainboots. If at all possible, find ways to get out in nature, even if you are stuck at home and with your own yard. 

The arts come somewhat naturally to our imaginative children. Fostering that passion for imagination and theater in your children will help ensure they are never bored. When you are not stuck inside, The Asheville Performing Arts Academy has classes for students of all ages. We help instill a love for music, drama, and dance for each child. The Prep Program is a year-long pre-conservatory style program for children in grades one through eight. For students entering sixth graders through twelfth grade, the Company is designed to help prepare them for continued theater education. Contact Asheville Performing Arts Academy for more information about our programs.