Darla Sutrich wins adult championship for North American Southern Region Oireachtas

Darla Sutrich wins adult championship for North American Southern Region Oireachtas


Carpenter Academy of Irish Dance (CAID) is proud to announce student Darla Sutrich, from the Asheville location, won the Adult Championship for the Southern Region of the Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America Southern Region, Oireachtas. This is the highest level of Irish Dance in which an adult dancer can compete.

She competed in (and won) the local competitions leading up to this event and was super prepared to take the stage at the 2020 Southern Region Oireachtas in Orlando, Florida on Dec 6th, 2020.

She trained all year for this competition and Covid was not going to stand in her way. All spring, Darla participated in video conference instruction from her Asheville location teacher, Heather Gallagher. Once the summer arrived, she had in-person instruction again with Heather, Peter Gardner (Buford, GA), and Head of CAID, Amanda Carpenter.

Sutrich said, "I am thrilled to be competing again; I never thought it would be an opportunity available to me now. But with steadfast support and inexorable passion, anyone can do it. I'm so grateful for the encouragement from my fellow dancers, instructors, and my loved ones. I couldn't feel more honored to be a part of CAID, and I look forward to more dancing in 2021."

The word "oireachtas" means in "assembly" in the Irish language, and comes from the Old Irish airech, meaning "nobleman." While the phrase can be used to refer to any cultural festival or gathering, as well as to the Irish legislature, in Irish dancing it has come to refer to major top-level competitions, and is often casually translated as "championship."
Carpenter Academy of Irish Dance Asheville has around 30 students and is accepting new beginners and transfer students on an open enrollment basis. While its youngest is 4 years old, CAID offers instruction for high school students through adults in retirement to be a part of fun, fellowship, exercise, and Irish culture.
Dancers compete regularly throughout the year, mostly within a few hours drive from Asheville, but more competitions are available for those who don’t mind the travel. Dancers actively competing attend 8-12 competitions annually. CAID Asheville meets at the Asheville Performing Arts Academy studio at 55 Shiloh Road in Asheville. Follow Carpenter Academy of Irish Dance - Asheville on Instagram at @carpenteririshdanceavl or www.theapaa.com