Why Do Extracurriculars Matter for Homeschoolers?

Why Do Extracurriculars Matter for Homeschoolers?

We spoke in our January blog about the plethora of electives and extracurricular activities that homeschoolers could join in on. All of them were unique ideas that you may not have thought about, from Quidditch to fly fishing to the theatre. 

As homeschooling parents, you have so much more freedom in deciding what kind of extracurricular activities in which your child is interested. Many times at public schools, children are limited to the typical activities found at every school. However, you get to go beyond and really find something unique and interesting.


Benefits of Extracurriculars for Homeschoolers

You may not see the need for your child to really invest in extracurricular activities because you really want them to focus on their core subjects such as math, science, reading/writing, and history. If you’re exploring if there really is any benefit to extracurricular activities, you’ve come to the right place. 

Let us explore together the many reasons why it would be a good idea for your child to have extracurricular and elective activities as a homeschooled child.

1. Socializing

It can be easy for your kid to become glued to the home. Next thing you know, the family becomes their best friend. Don’t get us wrong: we love close family relationships. However, all kids need time with those that are their age. Extracurricular activities are a great way to help that happen.

If your child isn’t sitting in classes and talking with students at a school, they benefit from having that exposure elsewhere. They need to learn to be able to communicate with others. Not to mention, community is so important in the development, happiness, and encouragement of a child.

2. Space

You don’t have the privilege that public school parents have of sending their kids back to school for the fall after spending every day with them through the summer. Everyone loves their children, but everyone also needs a break from their children. Let’s be honest; they need a break from us as parents as well!

Having an extracurricular activity gets your child out of the house, giving both of you a break from each other. Having space in a relationship from time to time often makes them healthier and stronger in the long run.

3. Mental Health

Everyone has an outlet, right? We know some people choose running, cleaning, cooking, or boxing. It helps to have an opportunity to blow off some steam and release the negative energy of frustration. 

Having an extracurricular activity can do the same for your child. It can give them a place to release all the pent-up negative energy, and bring them to peace and a state of calmness.

Let them discover what is best for them, whether it’s a form of art to express themselves, a sport to literally run their bad energy out, studying a language because the concentration takes their mind off of the negative, or even pottery because it forces them to be patient, concentrate, and gives them a sense of control.

4. Getting Active

It can be easy to become sedentary when your whole life revolves around your home. It can also seem weird for some to create a recess time for their child who is more interested in video games or just watching television.

So finding an extracurricular activity that they enjoy can be a great way to get their bodies moving and strengthen muscles. It can be a typical sport, or it can be something more inventive like archery, farming, or dancing in a musical. Chances are, if they are a “couch potato,” it’s going to take something really creative to get them moving.

5. Well-Rounded

Colleges, especially Ivy League schools, aren’t just looking for smart kids with good grades. They’re looking for distinguished students. 

Having extracurriculars and electives can make your student more diverse and interesting on a transcript. Most professors and schools will tell you your child has to have hobbies; they have to be a person, a somebody, not just a robot who spits out good grades.

6. Different Ways of Learning

As a parent and teacher of your student, you can assign extracurriculars to your child to help them in learning. If they struggle in a particular subject, there is bound to be an activity to tie to it that will make it more interesting and motivate your child to learn more.

If they struggle with history, sign them up for fencing to tie to the renaissance era or war reenactments to get them more interested in the battles of history.

If they struggle with writing, set them up for blogging where they can write about anything that they are interested in: their favorite video games, their favorite sports, different bands in music.

If they struggle with poli-sci, sign them up for model UN.

If they struggle with math, sign them up for carpentry or engineering.

There are so many benefits and strong reasons why your student needs more than just the core curriculum. Do some research and exploring, and then talk with your child about what they like. Then you can work together to find activities that will suit them best.

Asheville Performing Arts Academy

Asheville Performing Arts Academy offers specific theatre opportunities for homeschooled students. This allows them to interact with students that are more like them and have similar experiences. Here they are able to build community. 

If you or your child are interested in Asheville Performing Arts Academy for theater or dance, check out our website to see all of the many programs we offer, especially the rare ones such as Traditional Irish Dance. 

Feel free to reach out to us! We always love when our family expands, and we’d love for you to be a part of it! Our number is 828-253-4000 if you wish to talk with us directly. We hope to hear from you soon.