Why Do Kids Need Theater?

Why Do Kids Need Theater?

Kids need a lot of things to thrive. They need affection and attention, so they know they are loved. They need a place to live that feels comfortable and safe. Kids need to spend time outside, enjoying and exploring nature. Proper education, quality healthcare, and a strong support system are necessities for each child. 

Parents will do anything to ensure their children have what they need and more. 

At Asheville Performing Arts Academy, each day we see just how much children need theater and the arts. Here are just a few of the reasons we are convinced that children need theater.


5 Reasons Kids Need Theater

1) Theater Sparks a Kid’s Imagination

A child’s imagination is one of their greatest gifts. We want to make sure they hold onto it as long as possible. Theatrical performances are full of magic and imagination. Watching theater will only encourage your child to employ their creativity. 

Participating in theater is even more imaginative. As your child prepares to be in a play, they get the opportunity to act out their imagination. Participating in and watching theater will help inspire your child’s creativity and passion for the arts for the rest of their lives. 

2) Theater Is a Tool for Teaching Kids

One of the most important parts of your child’s life is their education. Mastering academic subjects is an essential part of becoming a well-rounded adult. Did you know theater can help children learn about the subjects they are studying in school? 

Many productions are set in the past and deal with important historical topics. They help present history in a way that is appealing to a young child. When a child participates in theater, they get to travel back in time to the world about which they are studying. Furthermore, plays and musicals are a fun means by which to communicate important moral lessons. 

3) Theater Helps Facilitate a Hunger for Learning in Kids

Not only can theater communicate valuable historical and moral lessons, but it can also instill a hunger for learning in your children. 

According to Dr. James Catterall of UCLA, participating in theater and the arts actually reduces a child’s chances of dropping out of school. Instead, the arts inspire children to participate in and serve their communities. 

4) Theater Helps Kids Learn How to Communicate

Theater is one of the best tools parents have to help their children communicate more effectively. Just some of the ways in which the arts help inspire better communication include:

  • Language: Theater and acting help students practice and master language. Actors much practice the same words and phrases over and over again until they have a command of the script.
  • Courage: Even just watching theater allows your child to see characters overcome their stage fright. Participants are able to experience conquering their fears and help their friends and peers do the same.
  • Memorization: Whether your child must memorize a single line or a monologue, committing words and phrases to memory is a helpful cognitive practice and useful skill. 
  • Emotions: Acting helps kids access various emotions in a safe setting. They can experience what joy, sadness, and anger feel and sound like in a low-consequence, safe space.
  • Empathy: As your child works to understand how their characters feel, it will inevitably help them understand their friends and family. 

There is no substitute for how much theater can improve a child’s communication skills. 

5) Theater Provides Kids with a Strong Community

The theater community in most places is tight knit. In Asheville, we have a strong passion for the arts. If your child participates in theater, they will be surrounded by friends who will become like family. 

They will have a group with whom they are unified in their goals, dreams, and activities. It is exhilarating for your child to see a show come to life for which they have spent days, weeks, and months preparing. 

Asheville Performing Arts Academy

Are you ready to give your kid the gift of passion for theater? Our mission at APAA is to facilitate a life-long appreciation and advocacy of the arts by providing a loving community where students discover the tools needed to navigate life on and off the stage. 

We provide year-round programs and summer camp sessions to make sure children have every opportunity to embrace theater. Please reach out to the team here at Asheville Performing Arts Academy if you have any questions about our programs. If you are ready to enroll your kids in camp or a year-round program, visit our website