Why Theater Lessons Are the Perfect Gift

Why Theater Lessons Are the Perfect Gift

We all have dreams. Whether you’ve gone to a dance performance at an amusement park and found yourself with a new aspiration to river dance; went to a broadway show and your heart began to want to express itself in song; or maybe you watched your favorite actor or actress perform a variety of characters and desired to enter a different world and play a part yourself. 

Asheville Performing Arts Academy can help make your dreams a reality. Whether it’s your child, grandchild, niece or nephew who is interested in music, dance, and/or drama, theatre lessons are a perfect gift.


Five Reasons Why Theatre Lessons Are the Perfect Gift

If you’re not convinced yet that theatre lessons are the perfect gift to give for a birthday, holiday, or a “thinking of you” present, below are some reasons to consider Asheville Performing Arts Academy.

1. Triple Threat. 

Theatre doesn’t just cover acting, but it also includes music and singing. It’s the classic triple threat to make a resume more exciting for a child’s future. 

Choosing theatre lessons at Asheville Performing Arts Academy is the perfect starting point in preparing and pursuing a career in the arts.

2. Community. 

If someone is needing more friends and community, whether because of being homeschooled or the result of having a lack of social outings due to the pandemic, Asheville Performing Arts Academy is the perfect place to find and build community. 

Your child will find other people with similar interests, and as they perform together, there will be bonds created that may even last a lifetime.

3. Professional and Personal. 

Our instructors are committed to helping your child reach their ultimate dreams. The faculty members at APAA are experienced theater professionals. Not only are they experienced, but they care about your child as an individual. 

No child is just another student. Our staff takes great pride in helping others succeed in accomplishing their goals. To read about our experienced faculty check out our website.

4. Come One, Come All. 

Theatre lessons are for all different ages and diverse backgrounds. No matter what anyone else says, all are welcome here. 

No matter your background or style, there is a place here for you to adventure in drama, dance, and music.

5. Taste of Ireland. 

Maybe you want to help your child expand their horizons in experiencing other cultures and places. We are one of just a few schools that offer Irish dance. This experience not only can help expose your child to other cultures but it can improve their resume, making it more unique and diverse in comparison to other dance applicants.

Are you still on the fence about buying theatre lessons for your next gift?

Asheville Performing Arts Academy

We are committed to providing opportunities without limits for each individual who comes into our program to explore drama, music, and dance. By creating a unique experience for each student, our teachers cater to the talents, needs, and dreams of each student. 

We are also building relationships throughout the community, providing a safe place to call home. This will be teaching those in our APAA community about considering others and having awareness beyond ourselves.

But don’t take our word for it. Hogan’s mom wrote a review saying,

“Heather and the staff at APAA are amazing. The training and direction they provide are above and beyond. They challenge, encourage, guide, and love every child as if they are one of their own. I have watched many children over the years learn and grow into amazing actors and humans. 

APAA knows that every child is different, as is their path in life. My son, Hogan, decided when he was nine years old that he wanted to act. On a whim, I googled acting in Asheville and found the Asheville Performing Arts Academy.  Heather invited Hogan to attend a class to see if they would be a good fit. 

He sat crying in the corner the whole time. We didn’t think he would ever choose to return. Boy, we were wrong!! He went back two days later and has never left. He is now 20 and working on building his auditioning packages to move on to his next acting step in life. They say it takes a village, and I am so grateful that I found this village to embrace my child.”

Contact Asheville Performing Arts Academy!

To learn more about APAA, you can visit our website or sign up for one of our programs. On our website, you can also read other testimonials like Hogan’s Moms review of APAA. If you would prefer to call and speak with us personally, you can call us at 828-253-4000, or come by and visit us at 55 Shiloh Road, STE 4, Asheville, NC 28803. We hope to hear from you soon!

We would love to answer your questions and tell you more about how theatre lessons are the perfect gift.