As we raise children, there are several things that are important to us. As parents, first and foremost, we care about the health and wellbeing of our children. We want to see them become model citizens. We want to see them challenge and take care of their bodies through athletics. We want them to receive a good education. 

We also want them to be well-rounded.

Parents have a responsibility to our children to cultivate a passion for learning. We want to encourage them to pursue the right things. 

In addition to receiving a quality education, being a model citizen, and excelling in athleticism, a great way to facilitate the development of a well-rounded child with diverse interests is encouraging a love for the arts, specifically, the performing arts.

It is believed that Irish Dance’s origins go back to the very beginning of time. First with the Druids pagan rituals, then later with Celts in celebrations. 

As Ireland became a Christian nation, dancing became even more popular and a significant part of the culture until Britain took over, stripping Ireland of a lot of its heritage and culture.

If you’ve ever watched Irish Dancing, you’ll notice that there is very little arm movement. It’s not a mere coincidence but is rooted in the origins of the dance. In the mid-1700s Irish Dance masters surfaced and traveled to different villages teaching dance. 

There was very little room for movement. With either dancing on a table, or a door, or in some other very small space, the artistry of the dance was displayed in footwork.

There are many benefits to homeschooling. One of those includes having more freedom for electives and extracurricular activities for your child. 

Since you have that freedom, you can always go beyond typical classes that are offered in public schools. There are plenty of opportunities to choose something really unique and let your child explore a big world of possibilities and creativity.

We all have dreams. Whether you’ve gone to a dance performance at an amusement park and found yourself with a new aspiration to river dance; went to a broadway show and your heart began to want to express itself in song; or maybe you watched your favorite actor or actress perform a variety of characters and desired to enter a different world and play a part yourself. 

Asheville Performing Arts Academy can help make your dreams a reality. Whether it’s your child, grandchild, niece or nephew who is interested in music, dance, and/or drama, theatre lessons are a perfect gift.