Performing art summer camps are a fun getaway for kids to help fill the time during a school break and keep them active. If you are considering a summer camp program for your child, you may be wondering if it is the right fit for your child’s personality. 

Although each child is unique, we believe performing art at summer camp is beneficial for all kids because it helps your child find sparks of inspiration that continue to foster, nurture, and develop original ideas by introducing them to the arts as soon as possible. 

Best of all, children create lifetime memories with new friends, and they will be able to take risks when trying something new, which instills confidence and inspires your child to continue to grow.

Childhood is a time of imagination and wonder. Especially in an area so saturated with beauty like Asheville, children see the world around them much less how it is and more as it should be. For parents and adults, our role is to facilitate the space for their innocence. We can fuel their creativity in many ways:

  • Encouraging unstructured outdoor time
  • Limiting television and screen time
  • Allow children space to paint and craft
  • Taking kids on family hikes that explore vast open views, thick forests, rolling rivers, and majestic waterfalls
  • Reading books with our children 

The theater is centered on wonder and imagination. We cannot stress enough how often we have seen theater help our students come alive. Here are 7 reasons we recommend exposing children to theater.

The Asheville area has been among the most rapidly growing regions of North Carolina for several decades. Known primarily as a tourism destination for most of its history, in the last few decades, western North Carolina's economy has been bolstered by an influx of companies starting or moving to Buncombe, Henderson, Madison, and surrounding counties. With job growth and a strengthening economy, thousands of families have relocated to the mountains. The Asheville area is a beautiful place to raise a family. From an early age, children are instilled with an appreciation for the wonder of nature. Our education systems are excellent, and people here understand the value of the arts. 

While Asheville is surrounded by nature, occasionally, you might find your family is stuck inside, especially as we continue to practice safe social distancing. When you are relegated to your home, here are nine ideas for entertaining children creatively. 


Carpenter Academy of Irish Dance (CAID) is proud to announce student Darla Sutrich, from the Asheville location, won the Adult Championship for the Southern Region of the Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America Southern Region, Oireachtas. This is the highest level of Irish Dance in which an adult dancer can compete.