fall 2023 kids theater productionsFall is just around the corner here in Asheville, NC, and there is no better time to sign your child up for performance art classes at Asheville Performing Arts Academy (APAA). We facilitate a lifelong appreciation for performing arts by fostering incredible experiences for children and teenagers by providing a loving community where students have the opportunity to discover the tools needed to navigate life on and off of the stage. 

Additionally, we advocate for arts-based learning through year-round programming and classes. We believe in the performing arts and their transformative power and value the experiences that come from the art world as a whole. 

Children’s Theatre Classes Fall 2023 Asheville, NC

If you can't already tell, we are passionate about the performing arts programs that we offer and are excited to kick off our fall theatre season. There are so many ways to get involved this upcoming fall at Asheville Performing Arts Academy.

Whether your child joins The Company (grades 6-12), The Prep Program (grades 1-8), our Homeschool Program (ages 7-18), or for individual community shows, we have a way for everyone to be involved in the Arts.

In addition to our typical programs, we also offer a competition team that will perform as part of the National Youth Theatre Experience. This is a newer aspect of APAA. Our JTF team was well-reviewed in our last outing, with us winning the 2023 Excellence in Acting Award at the Junior Theatre Festival. More information about JTF and NYTE auditions can be found here.

Upcoming Fall 2023 Programs

Homeschool Academy: Through our program, students have the chance to integrate the arts into their homeschooling lessons. In a weekly production workshop, students will start working on A Midsummer Night’s Dream this fall. Registration is currently available.

The Company: A year-long program for 6th - 12th grade, The Company is an individualized pre-professional, performing arts conservatory for intermediate to advanced artists who are looking to deepen their performing arts education. This year they will be performing Cabaret and Little Shop of Horrors.

The Prep Program: For students that are in grades 1st through 8th, this program is a great way to discover a child's desire for the performing arts. These classes are designed to help develop the groundwork needed for a deep education in performing arts. They will be working on Oliver Jr. and The Little Mermaid.

Youth Community Shows: Children in grades 1st through 12th have the opportunity to join the cast for Annie KIDS/Oliver JR, Mean Girls JR, and Mean Girls High School Versions. Rehearsals begin at the beginning of September. Annie KIDS/Oliver JR will hit the stage in December and our Mean Girls productions will be coming in February. We take a limited number of actors in each show and make sure that each actor is featured in a way that makes them shine.

About Asheville Performing Arts Academy

At the Asheville Performing Arts Academy, we think that theatre instruction can benefit the community as a whole. By bringing individuals together to produce and experience art, theatre education can help close gaps and promote a sense of connection and belonging. It can also catalyze social change by drawing attention to crucial issues and inspiring people to take action.

The Asheville Performing Arts Academy provides a wide range of theatrical education programs for students of all ages and abilities. No matter how much performing experience you have, our lessons and workshops will challenge and inspire you to reach your greatest potential. You can freely express yourself and develop your creativity in a safe and supportive environment thanks to the dedication of our educated and enthusiastic educators.

Asheville Performing Arts Academy is the place for you if you're searching for a setting where you may develop your skills, explore your creativity, and foster relationships with others through the power of theater. Check out our course choices and be ready to experience theatrical education's transforming impact.