Studio Policies

  • Vaccinations are recommended but NOT required.
  • We are no longer requiring masks for summer camps.* We reserve the right to mask again if the numbers/situations change or based on CDC guidelines.
  • All CAMP AUDIENCES will REMAIN MASKED at this time.
  • We have 6,000 ft2 of space with rolling garage doors and fans that keep air circulating out of the space.
  • We follow the Asheville city and CDC guidelines.
  • Class sizes are limited to 16 students and staggered to allow cleaning between programs.
  • Actors show ANY symptoms of illness WILL NOT be permitted in the studio.
  • Instructors reserve the right to ask an actor to leave class if they are ill.
  • Student's temperatures will be taken using a no-touch thermometer before entering the building.
  • When entering the studio, please use the hand sanitizer provided to the right of the door. If you are allergic to hand sanitizer, please wash your hands immediately after arriving to the studio.
  • Go directly to your assigned space around the edge of the room. These spaces are 8 feet apart to allow for social distancing.
  • When dancing and acting in class, please dance in your assigned box square on the floor. Boxes for drilling are 8 feet apart to allow for social distancing.
  • Music rehearsals will take place virtually to maintain proper social distancing guidelines, Actors are asked to bring small dance bags to class with only the necessary items they need for class - i.e. shoes, tape, etc.
  • Actors are asked to bring reusable water bottles from home. Please put your name on the water bottle to avoid mixing drinks accidentally.
  • Students may bring food to consume during break periods. Food may not be shared with other actors. Please note there is no fridge or microwave on site. Actors must wash their hands after eating.

Enter/Exit Policies

  • There are 30 minute breaks scheduled between programs to allow students to enter & exit at different times in order to avoid mixing classes. This will also give the instructors time to sanitize the studio before the next class.
  • Your instructor will come outside and signal to you when the studio has been sanitized and your class is permitted to enter the studio.
  • Actors will be permitted to enter the studio 5 minutes before their scheduled class time, NO earlier. Please do not enter the studio without your instructor's permission.
  • Please do your best to arrive on time. If the class has already begun, please wait patiently until your instructor signals you to enter.


  • Parents/siblings will NOT be allowed in the studio. Only actors registered with the APAA will be permitted In the studio during their designated class time.
  • Our studio restrooms will only be available to students taking classes.
  • Parents are asked to wait in or by their cars instead of congregating in the studio during class release times. Instructors will walk all classes out to their cars at the end of class.
  • Parents, please email Heather with any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you would like to have a meeting via Zoom, this must be scheduled In advance.

Exposure Policies

  • If an actor or family member has been potentially exposed to COVID-19, the actor must be symptom-free for 10 days before returning to class.
  • Students are NOT permitted to attend class if any member of their household presents symptoms or tests positive. They may return to class once the household has been symptom free for 14 days.
  • Families must notify APAA within 24 hours of potential exposure or symptoms appearing. Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our studio facilities have been updated to Include the following:

  • Multiple hand sanitizer stations throughout the studio
  • Touchless soap dispenser
  • Automatic Light Switches
  • Automatic paper towel dispenser and faucets

These updates have allowed us to limit the points of contact In the studio.

These polices have been updated on February 14, 2022. Should anything change with our studio distancing policies, all students In the Asheville location will be notified immediately. If you have any question, please contact Heather Gallagher directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..