Kids Theater Auditions Asheville NCThere is no better time to be a parent of a theater lover in the city of Asheville, NC! There are so many amazing opportunities to see and be a part of theater, whether it be going to a show at one of the many community theaters or joining a company. Regardless of what you would like for your kid to experience, Asheville has something to offer.

If you have a child that is extra interested in theater, it may be time to encourage them to audition. There are several incredible places where your child will fit in, and one such place is the Asheville Performing Arts Academy.

Finding an Audition for Kids in Asheville

It is crucial to evaluate what your child is comfortable with while looking for roles for which they may be interested in auditioning. You may start looking at different types of auditions after you know what they want to try out for. The majority of audition notifications are available on theater websites, such as our Community Theater for Youth page.  You can also use websites like, which many casting directors use to post auditions. 

If your child is looking for a more advanced program to audition for, our Prep Program is a pre-conservatory style program for children in 1st through 8th grade who want to dig deeper into musical theater. Additionally, we offer the year-long “The Company” program, which is suited for middle schoolers and high schoolers who are looking to go to college for performing arts.

Getting Ready for Auditions

Once you've found an audition for your child that piques their interest, it's time to go to work preparing them for that audition. Follow these strategies to assist your prospective kid actor during the audition process:

  • Relax: While auditions can be stressful, helping your child to develop methods to relax in stressful situations is essential. Tell them that regardless of the outcome, another opportunity will arise. Teach them warm-ups and entertaining games to help them center themselves and walk confidently into the audition room.
  • Train: Although it may seem apparent, training is the greatest method to prepare for an audition. The Asheville Performing Arts Academy offers a number of theater-focused classes that can help students develop expertise and discipline in their acting skills, giving them an advantage when auditioning for roles.
  • Memorize: Remember that many auditions will need your youngster to perform a monologue. Memorization is frequently required, regardless of the media. Working with your child to memorize their lines allows you to be a part of the process, which will create confidence in them.

Asheville Performing Arts Academy

The primary concentration of the Asheville Performing Arts Academy is the study of performing arts such as music, dance, and theater. We provide high-quality training and educational opportunities because we are dedicated to the art of teaching and the teaching of the arts. This education results in a wide range of shows, including Rent, Shrek Jr. The Musical, and Willy Wonka Jr., to mention a few.

To learn more about our programs, or to enroll your child in one of our programs, contact us today!