school by the stageAsheville Performing Arts Academy is expanding its programming to offer students who are choosing the 100% online option for their school education in the Spring the opportunity to attend our School by the StageAPAA’s virtual learning support center.
We are opening in August in our new 4000 sqft premises at 55 Shiloh Road and will offer  places to students to be supervised onsite Monday and Wednesday from 8:30am to 3:00pm. Students will also be welcome to stay onsite until their regular afternoon Academy classes start.
Each student will be allocated over 100 sqft of personal space to maintain physical distance in an open plan warehouse facility with good airflow. We will provide wifi, printer-access and workstations in an environment suitable for students to work on their assigned coursework, as well as regular scheduled sessions for dance, physical activity, theatre arts, meditation and appropriately physically-distanced socializing.
Our goal is to keep students safe, create a sense of community, encourage good study habits and make theatre arts and movement a regular part of the day. We are confident that this approach will lessen the isolation of virtual learning, but be lower risk than attending a school classroom with more students in a smaller space, with more risk of contamination, and less access to fresh air and physical activity.
The cost to attend the Virtual Learning Support Center 2 days per week is $240 per month for 2nd grade and up. Students will need to supply their own food and bring their own laptop / tablet to access their course materials. 
We are only allowing a total of 14 students so make sure to reserve your spot.

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