Plug the word Oireachtas into Google, and you may be initially a little confused. Your top results likely will be all about the Republic of Ireland’s national parliament. 

Oireachtas (pronounced ‘o-rock-tus’) is Irish for gathering. And for those in the know, an Oireachtas is an annual championship for Irish Dance held at the regional level. 

It is one of the busiest times of the year in and around Asheville. Summer vacations are over, and students across western North Carolina have returned to school. Even though we are heading toward one of the most beautiful seasons in our area, while millions of tourists are enjoying the changing leaves, children are stuck inside watching the colors change through the classroom window. 

For homeschool families, however, there is a lot more freedom and flexibility to enjoy each season in our amazing mountains. Many parents choose to homeschool because their students can have access to opportunities not afforded to traditional public and private schoolers. 

While the temperature outside may not feel like summer is drawing to an end, parents and students throughout the area are preparing for a new school year. They’re shopping for supplies, working hard to complete summer assignments, and trying to squeeze in the last few moments of family time before the first day of the 2022-2023 session begins. 

At Asheville Performing Arts Academy, we’re preparing for our fall programming and productions. Here is what you need to know about fall at APAA, and how your children can get involved. 

With the school year fast approaching, students are preparing for their last year of high school. Many of them are thinking about the “what’s next?” Will they be going to a more technical and engineering school like NC State, or will they be pursuing medical at Chapel Hill or Law at Duke?

If your child has been involved in theater, dance, or music, they may have developed a real talent and love for the arts. So maybe they consider teaching music by going to Appalachian State, or maybe they consider something totally different like a conservatory such as Julliard in New York. 

Could it be that a conservatory actually matches their hopes, dreams, and goals better? Let us explore more about conservatories and what makes them different from a standard college institution.